Benjamin Issenmann

Benjamin Issenmann

This is a list of my past side projects. I'm currently working on Weblist

Easily turn websites into data

September 2016

Tasteful curation of bite-sized videos

August 2016

Breast cancer diagnosis using machine learning

July 2016

In-store analytics with computer vision

July 2016

Volunteering made easy.

June 2016

Design agency for startups

February 2016

Tech club at ESADE Business school

January 2016

Journaling a bike trip around France

October 2015

Contact sharing app, in a tap

September 2015

Rebranding note sharing for students

April 2015

Entrepreneurship club in high school

February 2015

Design agency for minecraft gamers

January 2013

Minecraft videos meets motion design

October 2011

Fun Youtube videos

January 2009