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Design agency for minecraft gamers

January 2013

Think it

The popularity of my minecraft videos led me to be part of the minecraft community. And clearly, I wasn’t the only one doing minecraft videos, there was competition. However, those who seemed to succeed on YouTube were those with coherant and trendy visual identities. Compared to most 13 years old minecraft youtubers, these popular channels looked more like established brands. And because Youtube is very visual-based, it’s thus important to have an impactful and beautiful logo, banner and intro. I received dozens of messages from fellow minecraft youtubers asking me how I made my logo or my few animations, or they asked me if I could help them. There was demand. 

But could 13 years old afford a graphist services? Certainly not. What if I offered a cheaper, faster and better alternative?

Build it

I launched my own graphic design business the day I turned 16, the minimum legal age to be paid. Needless to say, I was eager to start. 

I used my skills and interest in graphic design to start something I would be proud of. For over a year and a half, I sold logos, animations and websites I designed for companies like Nitroserv, GamingRoom or Elvilia from my website “”. I created visual identities that enabled these organisations to put their best face forward to their audience. 


So this is what I said: “Having a strong visual impact in our connected world is vital if anyone wants to get noticed. Sadly the tools and access to create Great visuals are often limited to a very small proportion of business. I believe that everyone requires a unique, eye-catching identity. That is why I design memorable brand identities and dispense attractive intros and outros for your videos. 

My brand services will make YOU stand out from the competition! 

I worked with many clients before, who have always been satisfied by the results. That’s why I have a good knowledge of how design works, and how it will work out for you too! 

If you are interested, please head over to the Design Shop section for additional informations.”

I also participated to some design contests for Threadless and mojang. 

Use it

However, early september 2014, I decided to put a stop to this thrilling, and profitable, business to “better focus on my studies”. I juggled between my homeworks and my clients without too much friction. I truly decided to stop because I grew tired of it. I believe that having such an early approach to the business world is a priceless bonus for my future. By being economically independent at the age of 16 (I made enough money to live by myself), totally shifted the relationship I had with money.