Genie Help

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Design agency for startups

February 2016
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Think it.

Genie Help is my second graphic design agency after Dispensir. Design services take time and money, while startups are short on time and money. Thus most startups end up with inferior logos from cheap design marketplaces. I made Genie to make design accessible to all startups, in a fast and affordable way. I built this project mainly to make money to be able to travel to Silicon Valley for summer 2016.

Build it.

It took me a week to come up with the design and the feel of the brand. Then it took me another week to build the website and collect testimonials from my previous design work. Two important things to showcase for an online agency are testimonials and a portfolio, they help reduce the uncertainty for a potential client.

Use it.

Only two client works has enabled me to finance my whole summer. Turns out I could charge for 10x more than I used to do. I turned the project off because it succeeded as I wanted. The website now is more of a playground than anything.