Makers Club

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Tech club at ESADE Business school

January 2016

Think it.

The Makers Club is a tech club at ESADE, the business school I attend in Barcelona.

“I have an idea but I need help finding someone who can build it” is a typical thing we hear at ESADE. In a world lead by technological innovations, we're taught that learning to code is a must. 

Yet, the current education system is about having one teacher, an expert, putting content into kids heads. Then to test if they know, you have an exam. If you get most of these questions right, you move on to the next year. This is how it has worked for thousands of years. But there is a problem with that. It's called Google. 

While you’re taking the exam, somebody is looking up the answer on Google and didn’t go to school at all. It changes everything. The value proposition of education had changed, probably permanently. It's not about what you know anymore, it's about what you can do with what you know. That's why we think the next education system is project-based.

The Makers Club has a novel approach to learning: we learn from each other. It’s coined peer learning.

Members are both teachers when they have understood, and students when they want to understand. Peer learning is about acceptance of one's weaknesses and advantages, which further encourages curiosity. It just makes a lot of sense to us to use that new learning method.

Bringing a business vision to a technical mindset is source of many successful companies. We're convinced ESADE can become the home of the next billion dollar startup. By building a wider width of knowledge that go beyond business, marketing and finance skills, we can become innovators.

We reward initiatives and indisputable involvement of our members through a meritocratic structure. The more you give, the more you receive. Makers are driven by curiosity, ambition and accomplishment.

The Makers club is completely free and will always remain so. Students are selected neither on the basis of financial ability nor educational knowledge, but solely on the basis of their talent and motivation.

Here is the promotional video for it:


Build it.

We are creating an environment that promotes learning, innovation and achievement in the field of technology.

We do that by empowering our members with education, shared projects and career opportunities.

Applying to the Makers Club is straightforward, you just fill out the application form below. We invite the most promising students for a short interview and we make the admission decision immediately afterward.  

Members of the club gather for workshops once every two weeks at the E-Garage. Workshops are organised and taught by the students themselves. Workshops are usually divided in two parts: an applied theory part (of around one hour and a half) and a challenge part of around half and hour. This format turns out to be good enough for members to integrate and apply learnt concepts. Although workshops are a big part of what we do, they only serve as a mean to a greater end: pushing students to make their own projects, whether that’s building a website, an app or a rocket.   

We also invite our members to tech, startup and funding events frequently. This is part of our effort to bring business and tech worlds closer. It is expected from members to attend to workshops and take initiatives with the club. If we consider involvement is too low, we’re not afraid of kicking members out (we did it already). 

Use it.

At the end of each academic year, members automatically join the alumni network of the club where there’s a strong ethos of helping out fellow makers. So whatever your problem, whether you need beta testers, a place to stay in another city, advice about a technical problem, or a connection to a particular company, there’s a good change someone in the network can help you.