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In-store analytics with computer vision

July 2016
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Think it.

Most businesses have security cameras to deter potential thieves. Through computer vision and machine learning, these security cameras have the potential to become much more. 

By tapping into the video feed of security cameras, we're able to quantify people flow. With this data you’ll be able to manage your workforce appropriately, open and close at the right moment and overall reduce a lot of uncertainty in your business.

The problem Quantifeye is solving is threefold. It's about audience, behaviour and conversion. Who and how many people are coming to your store? Then, through your online dashboard you can understand their behaviours. Where and how are people acting inside your store? Then finally, once you connect your account to your Point of Sale (PoS), we deliver the conversion rate. Are people entering your store buying what you sell?

Build it.

I posted a job posting to find a technical cofounder on With only a standard landing page and a catchy vision I received more than 100+ messages from interested candidates. It was a complete surprise. Here are some interesting facts. Out of all candidates:

  • Only 3 are female.
  • 4 have written books on the field computer vision
  • 11 have PhDs in a computer science
  • 20 are from India. Other significant nationality is American.

I interviewed 7 candidates through Skype. I quickly realized I shouldn't find a cofounder who cannot live in the same city as me.