Tap Contact

Short description

Contact sharing app, in a tap

September 2015

Think it.

Business cards don’t make sense when we have smartphones in our pockets. I designed an iPhone app that could share contact informations to anyone with the app in a simple tap. TapContact is an attempt to have a fast and easy way to share contact informations. The app is basically 3 things: 

- to connect: Bump your phone and share/receive contact informations. 

- to collect: People will make their own cards, share them and collect them as if they were pokemon cards. To have someone famous' card should be a honour. Add notes on this person 

- to contact: Contact informations include social media links, email, phone number etc.. 

Build it.

I started thinking about it in July 2015. I made some research in August. I developed a prototype in October for my meeting with Oussama Ammar. I got carried away by work afterward. This dream I had can only be accomplished by Apple and Google themselves. Mass adoption and network effects were the main challenges and I didn’t solve that (as any other contact sharing app that died as well).