Young Entrepreneurs Society

Short description

Entrepreneurship club in high school

February 2015

Think it.

YES (Young Entrepreneurs Society) is an organization I built during my sophomore year of high school to foster entrepreneurship. The club (now defunct) consisted of bi-weekly meetings for students to talk about their projects and to find co-founders. Once a project got serious, it could seek funding through the parents association of the school.

Build it.

I was tired of going through my projects alone, so I talked about the project to a girl named Elsa Revcolevschi in my high school. She seemed interested and made ingenious remarks about the idea, so we decided to build the Young Entrepreneurs Society together. I built the website on tumblr in a day and decided to spend more time on the society’s pitch than on its visual. I set up a mail list with Mailchimp to gather student’s emails and inform them on whether they were accepted within or not. Exclusivity is an important criteria in creating hype, so we’ve limited the places to up to 20 students for the first year.

To attract as many students as possible, I made a short video teaser to post on the class’ facebook groups to explain the concept quickly. 

Use it.

Managing and building a community around a shared vision is something I’ve experienced for the first time. After I graduated from High school, the project ended.